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Orchard Business Park Phase 2

Orchard Business Park

The second phase of Orchard Business Park includes speculative development of two warehouse/distribution facilities on the East side of I-83 in York County.

Construction activity is underway for two future buildings on the site. Grading will bring the site to pad-ready status, and due to the size of the project (930,000 combined square feet between the two buildings), vertical construction will commence only after a tenant is secured. Having the site graded and building pad ready completes a portion of the normal construction process prior to a user being identified. This ensures that potential tenants can minimize the time from selecting the site to occupancy of the building and the time and cost risks that can be associated with the approvals, permitting, and site construction costs process can be defined ahead of time for the tenant.

A 450,000-sq-ft warehouse and distribution facility is planned for future development on the site on the West side of I-83.

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