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BWI Marshall Airport: D/E Connector

BWI Marshall Airport

BWI Marshall Airport is currently undergoing a three-year $105 million plan to further improve the airport.

They are in the process of constructing a new secure connector between Concourse D and Concourse E to meet the increasing international and domestic travel demands.

Kinsley Manufacturing was awarded the structural steel package which consists of the fabrication and installation of 1,300 tons of structural steel, and furnishing and installing 240,000 sf of metal roof and floor deck as well as 153 tons of joist.

This is a challenging project that requires close coordination with the surrounding operations, trades, and other activities as the construction is in the middle of a busy international airport that requires seamless operation. Another major complexity is all the security procedures to access certain parts of the airport due to TSA, US Customs, and various other security protocols. The majority of this project will be constructed during the day, however at the start of the project it required three different crews to work night shift in three different areas of the airport.

As the project is ramping up, so will our manpower and equipment needs, but currently our manpower is at 22 ironworkers, one crane operator, one superintendent, and two foremen.

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