Training and Education

Training & Education

Continuous education and training regarding safety and health issues are the cornerstones of our safety program. Equipping our employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their jobs safely is one of the keys to our success. All employees receive initial and continued education and training through new employee orientation, continued training at the Kinsley Education Center, and weekly Toolbox Talks.


Each new employee reports to the Kinsley Education Center on his or her first day for a full day of orientation. Safety is the main emphasis for new hires during orientation. Employees are given a pocket-size safety handbook and review Kinsley's safety expectation during an interactive, five-hour safety presentation.

Kinsley Education Center

The Kinsley Education Center offers numerous safety and health classes to our employees utilizing both in-house and industry experts. Safety topics range from working safely around railroad property to principles of rigging and hoisting. Of the many types of classes conducted, some of the most frequent classes include:

Tool Box Talks

Each work week begins with a Toolbox Talk that every supervisor reviews with his or her crew. The Toolbox Talk covers safety-related incidents from the previous week (like site inspections or near misses), a one week look-ahead for site-specific hazards, and an assigned weekly safety topic. Weekly topics are generated in-house and use various safety-related incidents as lessons learned.