Welcome to Kinsley Construction

Since 1963, our customers have come to know and trust The Kinsley Way of providing construction services.

Providing Solutions

Kinsley is a service organization with a mission to provide efficient solutions to our customers’ challenges.

Great Performance

We pride ourselves on being prepared to respond quickly to changing customer needs, project conditions, and market demands.


About Kinsley


Providing construction solutions since 1963.

Targeting multiple market sectors within the mid-Atlantic region, our project experience is diverse in size and varied in complexity. Seventy percent of our work is for repeat clients - evidence of our ability to provide solutions that satisfy.

Whether your project is large or small, Kinsley is able to provide a team that is structured to respond efficiently and effectively.


"Construction is a very, very diverse industry. There are always bright spots. We seek out those bright spots."

- Robert A. Kinsley


Corporate History

Doing things The Kinsley Way for over 50 years.

Robert A. Kinsley founded Kinsley Construction in 1963. The company, incorporated in 1967, began as a subcontracting firm in the concrete trade. Two years later, site work, paving and utility installation services were added to complement Kinsley’s expertise in flat and structural concrete construction. Then in the 1970’s, the company entered the general contracting market while retaining our own trades people and continuing to self-perform many major project tasks. As the company’s capabilities have expanded and progressed, so has our list of services. Kinsley now consists of seven divisions focusing on specific areas of the construction industry.

The present day-to-day activities are managed by second generation family executives and personnel who “grew up” in the business. Bob Kinsley, founder and CEO, is still involved in all aspects of the corporation on a daily basis.


Bob Kinsley

Robert A. Kinsley

Chairman & CEO
Jon Kinsley

Jonathan R. Kinsley

President & COO
Dan Driver

Daniel M. Driver

Executive VP
Chris Kinsley

CHristopher A. Kinsley

VP of Operations
Pat Kinsley

Patrick A. Kinsley

Steve Schrum

Steven A. Schrum

VP Maryland Operations
Tim Kinsley

TIMOTHY J. Kinsley

VP Development & Real Estate
Jerry Caslow

Jerry L. Caslow

VP Finance


Kinsley is proud to have developed separate business units that are fully-capable of operating independently but have the ability to join forces and provide more cost effective, efficient and coordinated projects for our valued clients.

Kinsley's Education Center

Our mission is to build workforce excellence and encourage career advancement in the construction trades.

Establishment of the Education Center is a result of Kinsley's innovation and commitment to managed, controlled growth. Through the apprenticeship program and ongoing training for current employees, Kinsley is making certain that we maintain a highly skilled workforce to ensure our clients' satisfaction.

Our programs include a four-year carpentry apprenticeship, a four-year highway and bridge apprenticeship, a three-year ironworking apprenticeship, and ongoing training for current employees.

Learn more about Kinsley's Education Center by visiting their website.

Education Center

"The introduction of our hands on education initative has been one of the most gratifying achievements of our organization and it has exceeded our expectations."

- Robert A. Kinsley



Our mission is to build workforce excellence and encourage career advancement in the construction trades.

We’re dedicated to protecting the safety and health of our employees. Compliance with requirements of regulatory agencies is secondary to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment. In all endeavors, safety is our top priority.

The policies and procedures outlined in the Kinsley Construction Safety Program are intended to assist employees in minimizing the risks inherent in the type of work required during the building process. The objective of our safety program is to establish a culture of safety awareness among all employees. To meet this objective, all levels of the organization work together towards identifying, evaluating, and eliminating the hazards facing the employees of Kinsley.

"Striving to meet the goals of accident prevention and risk management will always be a top priority of Kinsley Construction".

- Jon Kinsley

Community Involvement

Giving back to the community is a huge part of what Kinsley is all about.

We’ve long been a strong believer in building better communities though serving the needs of our neighbors, and that’s why we created The Kinsley Foundation in 1998.

The Kinsley Foundation is a not-for-profit private foundation with a primary mission to improve educational, community, health, and family development opportunities in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

The Kinsley family’s belief in giving back to the community was the inspiration for the Kinsley Education Center. Through the center, Kinsley provides ongoing education to their employees and an apprenticeship program to train its future workforce. By performing valuable community service projects, that same future workforce has become another way we can give back to our community.

The Kinsley Education Center also hosts meetings and events for community, civic, and educational organizations.


“This community has been very good to the Kinsley family. They have allowed us to achieve a level of success that I think presents an obligation to us to give back as much as we have been able to receive.”

- Anne Kinsley, Chairperson of the Kinsley Foundation