Kinsley Apprenticeship Program Continues to Grow

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Nov 10, 2015

Robert A. Kinsley contacted his Human Resources Department 15 years ago, looking for experienced carpenters, and learned that his HR department was having difficulty finding quality experienced workers. He wondered how his company could continue to grow without the benefit of quality talent and excellent workmanship. This problem was facing the entire construction industry and he believed that training was the solution. The business plan he developed became another example of Kinsley Construction “setting the standard” in the construction industry.

The first carpentry apprenticeship class began in 2000, and four years later the graduating apprentices had earned experience, a Journey Person’s paper, and credit toward an Associates Degree in Technology Studies through HACC. Not long after, a three-year Ironworker Apprenticeship was established. Each year apprentices begin their journey in the summer, working on jobs to get hands-on experience, and then begin their classroom work in September.

Associate Director Deb Rohrbaugh visits area high schools in many Pennsylvania and Maryland counties to share the news and develop the interest of the Juniors and Seniors who will soon finish their high school years and begin looking for employment or other alternatives. Many hours each year are spent providing information to students and their families to make them aware of the opportunities Kinsley Construction has to offer.

As they learn and grow in the classroom and the field, the apprentices enjoy the same excellent benefit package as all Kinsley Construction employees. Over the years this program has persevered through adversity, changed, and prospered; the graduates of this program are considered “the cream of the crop.” There are no boundaries at Kinsley and their education and experience can take them where they dream–they are reminded that “the sky is the limit.”

As we welcome the apprentices into the classroom and on the job sites this year, we look forward to watching another bumper crop of quality men and women become the future leaders of this company. Special thanks to our instructors Steve Taylor and Gary Schaeffer, our past instructors, mentors, and site supervisors for their hard work, guidance, and help in making this dream a reality.

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