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Employees are our most valuable asset, and we are dedicated to protecting their safety and health. Compliance with the requirements of regulatory agencies is secondary to ensuring that our employees return safely home from work each day, in good health. In all of our business endeavors, safety is a top priority.

An effective safety program must have the endorsement of upper management and the involvement and commitment of all employees. Our leadership team knows that performing a job safely is as important as meeting a deadline, providing a quality product, and delivering a profitable project. A safe workplace leads to greater productivity, quality craftsmanship, and business success. Our employees take responsibility for safety by following safe practices on and off the jobsite and by watching out for each other through the promotion of safe and healthy practices.

The Kinsley Construction Safety Program promotes the policies and procedures we’ve developed to assist employees in minimizing the risks inherent in our work. The objective of the program is to establish a culture of safety awareness throughout the organization and among all employees. To meet this objective, all levels of our organization work together to identify, evaluate, and eliminate the hazards facing our employees.


Quality has a traditional definition as it relates to the construction industry: “good workmanship, quality materials, a high level of finish, and attention to detail.” We prefer to define quality more broadly: providing an exceptional experience for our customers. This means providing the best solutions, maintaining open and honest communication, promoting forward thinking, and treating our customers as partners. Potential obstacles are opportunities for us to demonstrate our expertise and provide our clients with practical solutions to the challenges presented.

Our extensive quality control program includes an independent quality control department that audits the practices implemented on every project, ensuring that we consistently deliver on our definition of quality.

“We put ourselves in the owner's seat and do what it takes to get the job done, and get it done right.”
- Chris Kinsley, President & CEO

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Public Notice

Kinsley Construction, LLC has received complaints that a company trading under the name Kinsley Roofing, LLC is advertising and performing roofing services and is falsely representing itself as being affiliated with Kinsley Construction, LLC.  Neither Kinsley Roofing, LLC nor its principal, Nigel Correa, have ever been employed by, affiliated with, approved by, licensed by, endorsed by, or in any other way associated with Kinsley Construction, LLC or any of the other Kinsley family of companies. If you believe that you have been defrauded by Kinsley Roofing, LLC or Nigel Correa, you may want to contact the Pennsylvania Attorney General at 717-787-3391.

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