Why Kinsley

Right by our People. Right by our Roots. Right by You.

Construction Done Right

Family-run since the beginning, Kinsley is currently managed by second-generation family members who grew up in the business alongside trusted executives who are experts in their fields. Our company still operates off the guiding principles of our founder, Robert A. Kinsley. We focus on doing construction right – right by our people, right by our roots, and right by you. 

Right by our People

Our strength is in our people. That’s why we hire for work ethic, integrity, and pride in a job well done. Our people are trusted to do the right thing, and we give them the resources to do it – the best equipment and tools, specialized training, and support from leaders who know their names. Professional growth and life-long careers are here for anyone who cares about their work and has a passion for getting things done and done right.

Right by our Roots

We are the continuation of a legacy. While our resources have grown to match those of a large corporation, we remain rooted in the values of our founder and his vision for the family business. We want to do right by the Kinsley name by doing the hard work, taking pride in that work, and following through on our commitments. We do what it takes; if we say we’ll get it done, we’ll get it done, with honesty and integrity.

Right by You

Our job is to make yours easier. With Kinsley, you have a construction partner that brings financial stability, state-of-the-art equipment, and a team dedicated to getting the job done, whatever it takes. We’ll never bring a problem to the table without bringing solutions, and we’ll focus all our resources to ensure your project’s success.

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“Regardless of who notices, we choose to do the best job we can and deliver the best possible project, every time.”
- Chris Kinsley, President & CEO

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Public Notice

Kinsley Construction, LLC has received complaints that a company trading under the name Kinsley Roofing, LLC is advertising and performing roofing services and is falsely representing itself as being affiliated with Kinsley Construction, LLC.  Neither Kinsley Roofing, LLC nor its principal, Nigel Correa, have ever been employed by, affiliated with, approved by, licensed by, endorsed by, or in any other way associated with Kinsley Construction, LLC or any of the other Kinsley family of companies. If you believe that you have been defrauded by Kinsley Roofing, LLC or Nigel Correa, you may want to contact the Pennsylvania Attorney General at 717-787-3391.

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