Site Overview

Kinsley began performing major site projects over 40 years ago. We currently employ over 400 team members providing site development services for a diverse list of client and project types with operations in:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • Northern Virginia
  • West Virginia



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Our strength lies in our resources. Our experienced crews utilize modern equipment, staying up-to-date with current technologies. These in-house resources allow us to provide turn-key solutions.

We deliver for our clients, and we do so with precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Our Services

Kinsley's Site Division specializes in the following:


Moving dirt is what we do best. From one to one million cubic yards of dirt, we have moved mountains over the years.

  • Our veteran earthwork crews attack each project with expediency and safety; we pride ourselves on meeting our deadlines.
  • Our fleet of Caterpillar push-pull scrapers allows us to move dirt faster than most earth-moving contractors.
  • Our large inventory of articulated trucks and mass excavators step up to get the job done when the site terrain or rock come into play.
  • When required we have the resources available for multiple scrapers and articulated trucks to meet owners’ schedules.
Kinsley Site Work - Excavation
Site Utilities

Kinsley has crews to handle installation of your infrastructure needs:

  • Sanitary sewer
  • Waterline
  • Storm water
  • HDPE gas and electrical conduit

Our pipe crews are equipped with state of the art equipment to allow them to meet the demands of any given job site. The combined knowledge of our supervisors and crews allows us to confidently and safely tackle most utility projects in our geographic work area.

With our expansion into the gas sector and landfills, Kinsley has been exposed to multiple applications for the use of fused HDPE pipe. Our crews are capable of fusing 1” to 36” HDPE pipe utilizing our butt fusion and electrofusion machines. We have small hand machines for the needs of small diameter pipes and tracked machines for larger diameters and rough terrain.


Concrete is the trade that started our organization in 1963. Our ability to perform concrete installation as an in-house service supports your decision to choose Kinsley as a turn-key contractor.

We have the personnel and equipment resources to deliver:

  • Curbing
  • Flatwork
  • Miscellaneous concrete structures
Kinsley Site Work Services - Concrete

Once the bulk earthwork has been completed, the finishing touches are applied to your job site with our dozers.

Kinsley utilizes numerous GPS dozers to establish the final grades on our projects. The use of our GPS dozers allows us to be within one-tenth of final grades. The combination of our well-equipped dozers and seasoned operators give us the ability to build well-contoured sites that integrate seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

Kinsley Site Work Services - Grading
Milling & Paving

Kinsley saves clients time and money by controlling the milling process in-house. We have multiple milling machines to meet the increasing demands of road reconstruction. Our milling machine fleet consists of units that can mill from 2- to 7-feet wide and up to 14 inches in depth.

Another in-house capability that supports our turn-key operations is our self-performance of stone base installations and asphalt paving. We have multiple grading and paving crews who work throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to support our private, municipal or state agency clients. Our crews are fully equipped with all the necessary equipment to prepare, pave and clean our construction sites.

Kinsley Site Work Services
Clearing & Grubbing

At Kinsley Construction, we’re able to manage all aspects of clearing and grubbing, offering a diverse range of services tailored to meet your needs. Our expertise includes:

  • Select tree removal and disposal
  • Forestry mowing and understory removal
  • Small- to large-scale clearing, grubbing and grinding
  • Quarry and landfill expansion projects
  • Forest-to-agricultural field conversion
  • Stream restoration clearing
  • Contract debris and mulch grinding

Our dedicated supervisors and experienced crews bring a wealth of knowledge to tackle various site conditions, from brush-covered areas to heavily wooded parcels. With our extensive fleet, we also provide efficient hauling capabilities. Interested in our clearing and grubbing services? Contact us today!

Kinsley Site Work Markets

Markets We Serve

With projects generally located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia and West Virginia, Kinsley offers site improvement services specifically designed for an extensive customer base, including:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Structure
  • Environmental
  • Landfills
  • Utilities
  • Institutional
  • Government


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