About our Steel Division

Kinsley’s Steel Division specializes in structural steel design, engineering, detailing, fabrication, erection, and retrofit of existing structural members.

  • We are an AISC Certified Steel Fabricator for the following:
    • Standard for Steel Building Structures (STD)
    • Simple Steel Bridge Structures (SBR)
    • Major Steel Bridge (CBR)
  • We are PCI Certified.
  • We maintain the following endorsements:
    • Fracture Critical
    • Sophisticated Paint
    • P-1 Sophisticated Paint Endorsement – Enclosed
  • We are an approved PennDOT Bulletin 15 Fabricator.
Kinsley Manufacturing Introduction

As a structural steel design-assist partner, Kinsley contributes at each stage and supports the efficiency of the project process. Our expertise, knowledge, and skilled team members have been involved in a number of design-assist projects. We’ll help drive down the overall project budget, save you time and money through detailing, modeling, and a surprise-free construction phase.

Our Services & Capabilities

Kinsley takes pride in our ability to provide clients with a full range of structural steel services, allowing us to better meet the varying needs of our clients across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Steel Fabrication

Kinsley is an AISC Certified Steel Fabricator for the following:

  • Standard for Steel Building Structures (STD)
  • Simple Steel Bridge Structures (SBR)
  • Major Steel Bridge (CBR)

With the following endorsements:

  • Fracture Critical
  • Sophisticated Paint
  • P-1 Sophisticated Paint Endorsement – Enclosed

Kinsley is also an approved PennDOT Bulletin 15 Fabricator.

We own and operate three full, open shop fabrication facilities with over 315,000 square feet of fabrication space, which includes:

  • Large lay down areas for material storage
  • 11 overhead cranes with lifting capacities up to 40 tons
  • CNC Saw and Drill line that can handle up to a 54-inch wide flange jumbo beam
  • Cambering machine with a maximum capacity of a 36×176 wide flange
  • Plate Duplicator Drill (plasma and oxy fuel) capable of handling steel plate up to 3 inches thick
  • Automatic Shot Blast Systems
  • Two large fully-equipped paint areas
  • Fully-owned and operated trucking fleet allowing Kinsley to ship materials and finished goods directly to the end customer
  • Rail Access for shipping and receiving
  • Capable of fabricating complex weldments
  • Highly skilled and certified welders (SMAW and FCAW),  fabricators and machine operators.

At full capacity the division is capable of producing 35,000 tons annually.

To ensure that each job is carefully managed to ensure on time delivery of a quality product, Kinsley employs a full-time support staff that includes:

  • General and assistant division manager
  • Accounting
  • Purchasing
  • Data control
  • Project managers
  • Shop foremen
  • Certified weld inspectors
  • Detailers
Kinsley Manufacturing - Steel Fabrication
Steel Erection

We are a full-service, open shop steel erector with over 85 employees:

  • Certified welders (SMAW and FCAW)
  • Iron workers
  • Qualified riggers
  • Crane operators
  • Project managers

With our full-service approach, we are able to offer a wide range of steel erection services that include:

  • Conventional steel construction
  • Pre-engineered building system construction
  • Complex building structures
  • Girder slab construction
  • Tilt-up wall panel
  • Pre-cast wall panel
  • Hollow-core plank
  • Shear stud installation
  • Metal deck installation
  • Crane services
    • All our operators are National Certified Crane Operators
    • Operators licensed by the State of New York
    • Cranes are fully-owned and operated with sizes ranging from:
      • 40-90 USt Hydraulic Cranes
      • 120-275 USt Crawler Cranes
Kinsley Manufacturing - Steel Erection
    The makeup of the team that assists in the design-build process is one of the most important success factors for a design-build project. You want team members who not only understand the benefits of design-build, but more importantly understand how to mitigate inherent risks in the process.
    Kinsley fully understands all aspects of the design-build process as they relate to the design and integration of structural steel into the overall project.  With our full-service capabilities, we are able to proficiently evaluate the steel from the initial building design conception to budgeting and value engineering to schedule duration and trade integration. This is an install process in its entirety to ensure the benefits of design/build are fully exploited while mitigating the exposure for risk.
    Kinsley  has successfully completed structural steel design-build contracts up to thirty million dollars.
Kinsley Manufacturing - Design-Build
In-House Detailing

Kinsley employs a full detailing staff to work closely with the project team to create shop drawings that will be used for fabrication and erection drawings. Those drawings will in turn be used by the erection crews to install the final product.

Our detailing department conforms to:

  • American Institute of Steel Construction
  • American Welding Society

Our detailing software:

  • Tekla
  • AutoCADD

Tekla Structures steel detailing is a standard configuration enhanced with relevant steel detailing functionality. Users can create detailed 3D models of any steel material and then generate corresponding fabrication and erection information shared by all project participants.

  • View Tekla Structures models (all materials and profiles)
  • Create and modify grids
  • Model parts and bolts (regardless of building material)
  • Create welds
  • Add loads to a model
  • Create assemblies of steel parts
  • Create levels of assembly hierarchy
  • Create detailed steel connections
  • Create automatic preset connections to multiple parts
  • Create erection sequences
  • View model information in 4D (simulated schedule)
  • Interface with other tools and disciplines
  • Publish models to be viewed on the Internet
  • Exchange data (CIS/2 format, MIS systems)
  • Export CNC, DSTV
  • Import external/export data via links (FEM, SDNF, XML)
  • Import and export data via IFC 2×2, 2×3 and Tekla Open API™
  • Interface with Analysis and Design software for data exchange
  • Import and export graphic 2D and 3D data (DXF, DGN, DWG)

Tekla Structures BIM software provides an accurate, dynamic, and data-rich 3D environment that can be shared by contractors, structural engineers, steel detailers and fabricators, as well as concrete detailers and manufacturers.

Kinsley Manufacturing - In-House Detailing
    We know that safety is essential to the success of your project, and we support that success through our fully-staffed Safety Department. Our Safety Department ensures that our employees have the knowledge, tools and resources to safely complete every project; they develop policies and procedures that hold our employees to the highest standards of safety and health. Our safety policies comply with the most stringent industry practices, including 100% fall protection, 100% eye protection, near miss reporting and investigation as well as a drug- and alcohol-free workplace.
    All employees receive extensive training through our in-house Education Center. Every division employee  attends an OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety and Health course and an additional day of steel erection safety. Supervisors also attend the OSHA 30-Hour course. Training and education is a constant, ongoing effort at Kinsley. Other classes include First Aid and CPR, rigging and signaling, heavy equipment certification, incident investigation and many others. We start each work week with a supervisor’s safety meeting.
    Additionally, each project starts with a Site Specific Safety and Erection Plan. The plan addresses all phases of the project, from mobilization to erection procedures and sequence to the type of fall protection systems to be utilized. The plan is developed by the project manager and reviewed and approved by the Safety Department. A pre-erection meeting is held with the project team to review the plan and ensure a smooth startup and efficient project delivery. Projects are also inspected on a regular basis by members of the Safety Department to ensure safe working conditions for our employees, other contractors around our work areas and the public.
    By actively planning for safety, using only highly qualified and trained employees and holding our employees to the most stringent safety standards, we can deliver a project that meets our goal – zero accidents.
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