Kinsley Education

Kinsley Education


The Kinsley Education Center was created in 2000 with a mission to build workforce excellence and encourage career advancement by “teaching the standard” in the construction trades. 

Kinsley’s innovation and commitment to providing growth for our employees has led to the development of multiple construction programs for both apprentices and current employees to gain hands-on experience and ongoing training in the trades. We are proud to maintain a highly-skilled workforce on and off of the job site.

Construction Programs

Whether you’re looking to start your career or switching professions, our construction programs are designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this field. Our Operator Development and Apprenticeship programs allow you to gain hands-on experience while working full-time at Kinsley. From day one, you’ll begin to learn the ins and outs of Site, Highway and Bridge, Industrial or Building construction in the classroom and on the job site. No former training or college degree is required for these programs.

Operator Development
Our Operator Development Program introduces new employees to multiple skilled trade positions in Site construction through classroom instruction and simulator training, teaching them how to operate equipment while gaining hands-on field experience.

Apprentice Training
As the industry’s master builder, our Apprenticeship Program teaches essential construction skills and standards in three different apprentice programs: Carpentry and Highway and Bridge.

Employee Training

At Kinsley, employees are empowered to build their skills and expertise throughout their careers. We’ve developed the strongest construction teams in the industry through position-specific training, certification courses and dozens of safety and health training courses offered by our in-house certified safety professionals.

Training and Development
“We are only as strong as our people. That’s why we are committed to fostering professional growth and empowering employees to continue their education and training. It’s not a benefit written on paper – it’s practiced every day we arrive on site.”
- Chris Kinsley, COO
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