A Look Inside – Kinsley Construction’s Paving Crews

Jun 26, 2023

It’s been said that you don’t need a BIG team to make an impact – you need a GOOD team… and that’s exactly what we have in our paving team. From potholes to mainline paving, Kinsley Construction’s paving crews do it all. True to our Kinsley culture, they are a team that never says no, gives their all on every project and has the drive to make it happen during crunch time.

The Catalyst for Growth

Made up of 105 employees, our paving team consists of eight mainline paving crews, three patch crews, two milling crews, as well as an office team that works on estimating, operations and project management. It hasn’t always been this way though. In 1995, Kem Vaught, currently a project manager, was brought out of the field and into the office. This was the beginning of our growing paving team as we know it today.

No matter who you talk to, you’ll hear that Kem was the driving force behind how the paving team evolved over the years. His knowledge from his time in the field and his reputation with our clients was the catalyst for the growth that was to come.

Trust in the Process

Over the years, Kem and other members of the paving team, like general superintendent Mark Heininger, have worked hard to grow the crews and make it what it is today. But both Mark and Kem agree – the paving team is successful thanks to our dedicated employees who work in the field every day.

During the prime paving season, which normally runs from April through October, our team has to be on their A-game. In the spring, bidding is normally at its height and our office team is busy sending out six to eight bids a week. Once our jobs are solidified, the paving and patch crews head out and get to work. Throughout the year, our mainline paving crews will complete up to 200 jobs, laying down as much as 800,000 tons of material a year for public and private site work, utility restorations and highway and bridge projects.

Paving isn’t an easy gig, either. With strict deadlines and tolerances from the Department of Transportation, we have a limited amount of time to complete these jobs. Though time restrictions may put pressure on the team, it never affects the quality of work they deliver. Paving can also be grueling in the summer months due to the heat of the asphalt mixture. Though it may be hard work, our talented team adapts to the circumstances to deliver a quality product every time.

You Can Count on Us

Thanks to our experienced and versatile crews and the amount of equipment they have access to, this team is able to create and reform roadway infrastructure in the Mid-Atlantic region for public and private clients. No matter what outside factors are at play, you can always count on our paving crews to be there and make it happen.

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