A Look Inside Kinsley’s Environmental Services Team

Oct 17, 2022

Developed by our Site division in 2008, the Environmental Services team is an integral part of the construction process from beginning to end. Currently, the team is comprised of four compliance officers – Dean Peifer (Compliance Manager), Matt Moyer, Chase Flickinger and Lauren Carter – who oversee our projects throughout multiple regions. Their main goal is to keep our job sites compliant with federal, state and local environmental regulations and policies.


So what does our Environmental Services team actually do and why does it matter? Construction work is pivotal, but nonetheless, it is still regarded as earth disturbance, and if done incorrectly or irresponsibly there could be severe consequences. Over the years, federal, state and local authorities have created guidelines, laws and policies to protect human health and the environment, which allow us to do our jobs safely and enables us to protect the environments we work in.

Every day, our Environmental Services team finds themselves doing something a little different than the day before. From permitting and site support to monitoring and reporting, this team is constantly on the go. Also acting as a liaison between environmental authorities and our field employees, the Environmental Services team’s main goal is to keep our job sites compliant to avoid enforcement fines and authority oversight.

To be able to keep our job sites compliant, our Environmental Services team have to make quick, thoughtful decisions. They have to think ahead to what potential issues might arise on a job site and how to stop it from happening before it even starts. Even something as simple as an unexpected rainstorm or mud-clogged rock at a construction entrance can put our job sites and environment at risk.


With ever-changing regulations and policies, it can be hard to keep up with the right way of doing things environmentally. Another goal of our Environmental team is not only to keep our job sites compliant, but to educate our employees on proper practices. We try our hardest to share our knowledge and are always looking to find new ways to get the information out in the field.

As employees progress through different levels of responsibility, Environmental Services topics can often be eclisped by other priorities. One goal of our team is to promote awareness of how our activity may impact our environment. Dean jokes that we should “think like a rain drop” when considering how and where our sites drain. When rain hits the ground, where will it naturally want to go? It is our responsbility to control it and minimize effects of harmful sediment pollution.

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