A One-Stop Shop: Constructing Conestoga Landfill’s Maintenance Building

Mar 16, 2023

When Conestoga Landfill was in need of a maintenance building, our Industrial Division proved they are a one-stop shop. From concrete work and steel erection to installing finishes, our team handled it all. 

Finding the Value in Value Engineering

Republic Services originally worked with an outside engineer to design the maintenance shop before putting it out for bid with a price tag of over $3.5 million, which exceeded the overall budget. After being awarded the contract, our team persuaded Republic Services to take advantage of our design-build service to mitigate this issue. The design-build process allowed us to rework the plans and value engineer the entire project to reduce costs. By utilizing this process, Republic Services saved almost $1 million, while still getting the maintenance shop they needed.

The 11,200-square-foot, pre-engineered Nucor building includes a maintenance shop with overhead doors, a wash bay, break rooms, and office space. Though you normally won’t find our Industrial crew constructing buildings, this shop was the perfect project to show off the versatility of our team. Our Site crews began by demolishing the existing shop and preparing the building pad for construction. Once complete, our Industrial crews poured the foundations, erected and set the metal building, and then got to work on closing it in.

Finishing Strong

Along the way, our team was asked to add a few more items to their scope of work. First, we were asked to add a lubrication storage and dispensing system into the shop for mechanical maintenance on heavy equipment. The team got to work and designed the system while repurposing some of the existing bulk storage tanks and hose reels to keep the cost down. We were also asked to design and construct a utility building that would house an emergency generator in case of power loss.

As with most projects these days, our schedule was impacted by material delays. The metal building had a six-month lead time, and the rooftop units and exhaust fans that were supposed to be delivered in June didn’t come in until late October. Though there wasn’t anything we could do about the material delays, our team worked diligently to make sure everything that could be done, got done to keep the project moving.

Thanks to the hard work of our Industrial team, our good reputation with Republic Services was upheld and we were able to successfully deliver another project. From constructing concrete foundations and erecting metal buildings to mechanical installations and design-build work, our Industrial team is truly a one-stop shop.

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