Adams County Winery

Oct 18, 2021

Operating out of a Civil War-era barn, Adams County Winery is one of the oldest operating wineries in the area. In the late 1990s, this operation bottled around 2,300 gallons of wine a year. Last year alone, they bottled over 36,000 gallons in their facility. With continued growth and an increase in demand for their wines, an expansion project was imminent. Kinsley’s Custom team collaborated with our Site and Industrial divisions to bring Adams County Winery the space they needed.



This expansion wasn’t your average day in the vineyard, as our Site team had to deal with unique challenges before construction could begin. Winter weather and an underground spring fed the excavation site with large amounts of water. Our crews had to use pumps and hoses to continuously route the water away from the job site until final grading was completed.

Our Site team was also in charge of installing new greywater and irrigation systems. Regulated and enforced by the Department of Environmental Protection, greywater systems must be dispersed in an approved area. To mitigate environmental risk for the client, our crews installed a new septic/ settlement tank as well as underground holding tanks with a pump system to distribute the greywater via spray heads onto a dispersion field 600 yards away.

To top off these challenges, the winery remained operational throughout our work. This meant that the Site team had to keep a tight and clean job site so the winery could still receive deliveries during construction.



Once the building pad was ready, our Custom team began to construct the new 4,575-square-foot, pre-engineered Nucor metal building with a 30-by-30-foot overhang roof. This enclosed, conditioned space will be used as the new wine storage area. In addition to constructing the new building, our crews had to install electrical, HVAC and plumbing for this space. 

As the project neared completion, our Industrial team stepped in to help move and install three additional storage tanks in the newly constructed building. Moving these tanks was no easy task; the tanks were taller than the door opening and the crew had to tilt the tanks while ensuring they didn’t drag, which could have damaged the floor or the tanks.

Thanks to the hard work of our Custom, Site and Industrial teams, we were able to successfully give our client the space they needed to grow their operations by August 2021. The Civil War-era barn will remain a part of the winery’s operation, now used solely for bottling, packing and shipping their wines.

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