From Quarry to Job Site

Aug 23, 2021

Once a Kinsley-operated quarry for construction materials, the Codorus Quarry in York, Pennsylvania, is being transformed into an industrial park. From 2004 – 2011, Kinsley’s Materials group utilized the quarry for crushing, selling and hauling aggregate to various projects. We’ve come full circle as our Materials team supplied aggregate and concrete to the same quarry site for the first of five new warehouses being built there.

We supplied 17,500 yards of concrete and 11,500 tons of aggregate to a local contractor for this project. Our location to the job site, capability to supply the yardage needed per concrete pour and ability to provide the high-quality materials needed for this project helped us secure this work.

In addition, we supplied Kinsley’s Site division with 200 yards of concrete and 244,500 tons of aggregate as they developed the 75-acre lot for a 484,000-square-foot warehouse and the partial development of three separate warehouse lots. We delivered our last load of materials in April.

Categories: Completed Projects

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