Paving the Way

Jan 18, 2022

What type of project comes to mind when you think about the work our Site division delivers? Does it involve moving thousands (possibly even millions) of cubic yards of dirt with some of the biggest pieces of equipment in our fleet? While this may be a typical day for some Site crew members, multiple paving crews are working hard to maintain our townships’ infrastructure each day.

With multiple local paving projects on the docket each year, the bidding process for these can only be described as “crazy.” For about three to four months in the beginning of the season, the team is bidding two to three jobs per week. This also involves visiting and reviewing each location to understand the work needed before we submit the bid.

From there, the field work begins in April and typically includes the total construction of roadways: pipe work, curbing, milling, paving and reclaiming. In this past year alone, the crews completed 40 paving projects for various townships as well as 40 miscellaneous contracts throughout our geographical footprint.

Like most of our projects, meeting the schedule is a must, especially since these jobs tend to have liquated damages. Our season for delivering municipal paving projects tends to wrap up by the end of the year, but we are often tasked with completing them before school starts at the end of August.

The crews delivering these projects are true experts, balancing multiple projects with extremely tight schedules while maintaining strong relationships with the municipalities and communities. These jobs may not involve mountains of dirt or our largest excavator, but they are just as important, upholding the infrastructure we all rely on each and every day.

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