Producing the Production Line at Crown Holdings

Nov 30, 2021

With the food and beverage industry switching from plastic bottles to aluminum cans, Crown Holdings, a packaging supply company, needed to expand its production line to meet the demand. They hired our Industrial crew to rig and install 27 pieces for their production line, including coil handling, a Minister cupping press, a Standun can maker and Belvac trimmer, as well as back-end and auxiliary equipment. Our scope also included installing a new gain main, extensive process piping, chilled water supply and return, vacuum and compressed air equipment, and support steel and proving piping insulation.


Most of the production line pieces were shipped from around the world. Because of this, we encountered several delays as shipments were either held up in ports or in Customs. For our team, it meant that we never had a real schedule to note what equipment was arriving and when. It wasn’t uncommon for the schedule to change daily as we often received notifications at the last minute about shipments or deliveries.

Once we received certain pieces of equipment, they had to be staged at different spots within our workspace before they could be permanently installed in the correct sequence. Oftentimes, a piece of equipment was moved two or three times before we could install it in its final spot. All of the uncertainty and changes surrounding the equipment deliveries required our team to remain flexible and ready to shift focus depending on what work could be performed each day.

Beyond the equipment, we also faced issues working with six other subcontractors without a designated general contractor for the project. In order to organize all of the work being performed by each subcontractor, our project manager, Jeff Kelley, held weekly meetings with everyone to coordinate their work and schedules to limit any disruptions and keep everything moving along. 




With a difficult layout for installation and an ever-changing schedule, Jeff attributes this project’s success to our crew’s expertise. Jim Burkens, the project superintendent, understood the complexities of the layout and the tolerance of the equipment. Our riggers, millwrights and the entire team also did an exceptional job navigating through all of the project’s challenges. 

Everyone worked closely with the owner to provide solutions for scheduling that kept the project moving forward. Thanks to our team’s efforts, the owner awarded us additional work while completing the installation. This included building an electrical room around existing equipment infrastructure, cutting the floor around supports and creating new foundations, and installing masonry block walls to create the room. We also provided temporary support for the existing mezzanine and pipe support as our Steel team fabricated and erected 139 tons of structural steel with 13,000 square feet of grating for a new mezzanine for the conveyor equipment. Even with this additional work, our Industrial team still met our July 2021 completion date.

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