Rebuilding Laurel Hill

Jan 20, 2022

When an aggregate supplier chose to turn their abandoned, non-active mine in Central Maryland, back into an active mine site, they needed a new crushing plant for their operations. Our Industrial team’s twenty-plus year relationship helped us earn the contract for the work, which was scheduled to begin in July 2020. The only catch? The new plant needed to begin producing materials months before our completion date in August 2021.

Tight schedules are a common challenge around Kinsley, and one that our Industrial team has tackled time and time again. But when it came to the plant, the schedule demands grew as an additional five contracts were awarded to us for this project, while the completion date remained the same.

Our initial contract consisted of installing 2,200 cubic yards of cast-in-place concrete, 7,200 linear feet of conveyors, four crushing stations, six screen stations, material wash circuits and 550 linear feet of 13-foot-diameter corrugated tunnel. However, about 30% of the plant – including the screen stations, tunnel, primary crusher station and multiple conveyors – needed to be dismantled and relocated from another facility in Maryland.

We were also awarded contracts for the scale and sump pit, inbound scale slab, overflow channels, and dock ramp and runway sump pit. This additional work included everything from excavating and shoring, to furnishing and installing:

In just 13 months, the crew dismantled and completely rebuilt the crushing plant, reaching each project milestone to help the client produce the materials they needed on time. Meeting the schedule required an all hands-on-deck approach as 37,715 man hours were put into the project to make it a success.

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