Brunswick at Longstown Memory Care Unit

Project Info

This project included the conversion of existing residential units into a memory care unit at the Brunswick at Longstown facility.  The requirements for the memory care unit included a dining room, activity room, and an outdoor area.

To create the dining room, we removed two resident units from service and opened up the space to create a room for a food service station.  We also opened the entry to the dining room by removing a section of corridor wall and installing a steel beam to support the load from the floor above.

The Activities Room was also created through the elimination of a residential unit that had access to the exterior and a small patio. Once again we removed interior walls and bathroom fixtures to open the area, providing space for staff and resident activities. We expanded the existing patio to provide a space for residents to enjoy outdoor activities and fresh air.


Memory Care Unit Renovation




Senior Living


York, PA


Wilmac Corporation


Warehaus (formerly LSC Design)


1,050 sf