Johnson Controls

Implementing responsible site work practices to protect wetlands.

Kinsley served as the site work contractor for Johnson Control’s new laboratory and office facility located in Shrewsbury, PA.

The site was a concern for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection due to its location adjacent to 20 acres of wetlands. Kinsley installed three subsurface infiltration beds totaling three-and-a-half acres, buried over 39,500 tons of #3 stone, and installed 120 rolls of geo fabric, 3,000 feet of perforated pipe and 14 inlet structures.

The project also included excavating 400,000 cubic yards of material to establish finish grade, installing 49 concrete structures, 5,300 feet of storm sewer, 2,400 feet of sanitary sewer, 3,800 feet of water line, 1,500 feet of gas line, and 9,000 ton of asphalt.


Johnson Controls Laboratory and Office Facility


Site Work


Industrial/Manufacturing; Office


Shrewsbury, PA


Johnson Controls


60 acres