PennDOT – Replacement of Craighead Bridge

Project Info

Construction for this bridge replacement project included a two-span, pre-stressed concrete spread box beam bridge over the Yellow Breeches Creek as well as the alignment and construction of the approaches.

One of the most important aspects of this project was the historical significance of the existing bridge. With this in mind, an architectural form liner finish was stained to imitate the stone construction and natural color of the original bridge. This treatment was applied to the abutments, pier and barrier walls to provide an accurate yet natural aesthetic.

The design also included a cast in place bridge deck that widened by 26 feet from the pier to the second abutment. Kinsley’s management team worked with the field crew to design an innovative plan that utilized a rigid frame Bidwell System which expanded with the bridge as it was poured.  \

The widening of the deck created a safer turning radius for the travelling public which was also a key factor that led to the Craighead Bridge being awarded the 36th Annual Road/Bridge Safety Improvement Award by the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania.


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Carlisle, PA


Cumberland County

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