Preferred Supplier for PPL Corporation

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Over the past seven years, we’ve supplied close to 20,000 yards of concrete to PPL projects and have been named as their preferred supplier for all of their projects within our delivery area. Our relationship with PPL Corporation, an electric services company, dates back to 2012 when we first began supplying concrete for some of their local projects. Over the years, our team has supplied concrete, aggregates, tri-axle dump truck rentals and dumping of materials for various PPL jobs. Previously, they primarily utilized another concrete supply company to provide materials for their local projects. However, that company was no longer able to provide the materials in a timely manner. Through our existing relationship with PPL, they called on our team to begin supplying concrete for more projects. After building a stronger relationship and continuously delivering quality materials on time and in budget, additional opportunities arose for us to supply aggregate and trucking services.






Central and Eastern PA


PPL Corporation

Public Notice

Kinsley Construction, LLC has received complaints that a company trading under the name Kinsley Roofing, LLC is advertising and performing roofing services and is falsely representing itself as being affiliated with Kinsley Construction, LLC.  Neither Kinsley Roofing, LLC nor its principal, Nigel Correa, have ever been employed by, affiliated with, approved by, licensed by, endorsed by, or in any other way associated with Kinsley Construction, LLC or any of the other Kinsley family of companies. If you believe that you have been defrauded by Kinsley Roofing, LLC or Nigel Correa, you may want to contact the Pennsylvania Attorney General at 717-787-3391.

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