101 York Road – Site Work for New Mixed Use Residential Complex

Project Info

Kinsley is currently providing site work at 101 York Road for the new 15-story student apartment building with two stories of underground parking. The project scope includes:

  • Mass grading, including the export of approximately 35,000 yards of dirt to create the 20-ft-deep, two-story underground parking structure.
  • A new storm water management system, including new piping, a plunge pool and a vault.
  • New utilities and tying in to existing Baltimore County water and sewer lines. We’ll avoid service interruptions by installing a dog house manhole for the sewer tie-in, and an 8-inch meter vault will be utilized for the water service. As building construction progresses out of excavation, the proposed on-site water and sewer will follow the backfill of the exterior walls to the desired elevations.
  • Excavation for the foundation footings.
  • Site concrete, including curb, gutter, sidewalks and paving.

101 York Road Site Work




Towson, MD


Aspen Heights


Moseley Architects


2.2 acres