Spillway Repairs for the Foster Joseph Sayers Dam

Project Info

Kinsley provided spillway repairs for the Foster Joseph Sayers Dam, to mitigate damage caused by riprap material entrapment in the stilling basin. This project at Bald Eagle State Park in Centre County, Pennsylvania included:

  • Cleaning of 24 three-inch diameter weep holes, including removal of the fishing sinkers that were clogging them
  • Design and installation of a conveyance system to divert water from the work area, consisting of an eight-foot diameter conveyance pipe, bulkhead and steel hanger system suspended above the stilling basin
  • Installation of a water diversion cofferdam
  • Humane relocation of thousands of fish from the stilling basin
  • Hydrodemolition removal of all deteriorated concrete in the stilling basin
  • Installation of new rebar to replace damaged concrete reinforcements
  • Placement and curing of new silica fume concrete (SFC) to replace degraded concrete
  • Construction of a new, approximately 23-foot by 48-foot rebar and SFC wedge to prevent riprap and debris from being trapped in the stilling basin and causing future damage

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