St. John’s Lutheran Church of Sweet Air

Project Info

Kinsley delivered an expansion project for an existing 9,800-sq-ft church. This occupied addition and renovations project included the following scope of services:

  • Select demolition of existing interior and exterior entrance areas
  • Earthwork, excavation, paving and curbing
  • Expansion of the narthex and lobby area by 360 sf, including custom millwork and tiles, new skylight, and glass storefront entrance
  • Construction of a new 2,190-sq-ft, ADA-compliant, concrete entrance ramp with custom metal railings and folly walls with planters
  • Exterior improvements including new metal fascia, brick and CMU veneer
  • Construction of new, larger ADA-compliant restrooms
  • Installation of a new HVAC system and roof improvements

Church Expansion and Renovation






Phoenix, MD


St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church


Whitney, Bailey, Cox & Magnani, LLC


2,550 sf

Public Notice

Kinsley Construction, LLC has received complaints that a company trading under the name Kinsley Roofing, LLC is advertising and performing roofing services and is falsely representing itself as being affiliated with Kinsley Construction, LLC.  Neither Kinsley Roofing, LLC nor its principal, Nigel Correa, have ever been employed by, affiliated with, approved by, licensed by, endorsed by, or in any other way associated with Kinsley Construction, LLC or any of the other Kinsley family of companies.  If you have additional questions, you may contact us at 717-324-2045.  If you believe that you have been defrauded by Kinsley Roofing, LLC or Nigel Correa, you may want to contact the Pennsylvania Attorney General at 717-787-3391.

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