West Gordon Street Bridge Replacement

Project Info

Kinsley is replacing the West Gordon Street bridge where it crosses Jordan Creek. To maintain pedestrian access, the bridge will be replaced in two phases.

  • Phase I of the project includes:
    • A new stormwater management system, including excavating 16 feet down along two blocks of roadway
    • Demolishing 3/4 of the existing bridge, leaving a single lane for pedestrian traffic
    • Begin constructing the new bridge
  • Phase II of the project includes:
    • Demolishing the remaining existing bridge
    • Finish constructing the new bridge
    • Installing all curbs and sidewalks
    • Installing bridge railing and barriers

To date, we have completed the Phase 1 stormwater management work and demolition. We are currently working on the partial construction of the new bridge. Phase 2 will begin in June and involve moving pedestrian traffic to the new bridge, demolishing the remaining portion of the existing bridge and completing the new bridge.

The project is expected to be complete in August 2021.


Bridge Replacement


Highway & Bridge




Allentown, PA


PennDOT District 5-0


RK&K Engineers


112 linear feet